Detection Solutions for Critical Infrastructure Protection
Check Point Security

Inspection of all personnel and visitors belongings, for dangerous goods which may be concealed on their person or hidden in Laptop Bags , Backpacks, or Luggage.

Corporate Environments

Whether you are a Hotel in the Middle Eastern Region, a Global Corporate building, or a School, the safety of personnel or students comes first. The application of cutting edge technology and user friendly operation makes for fast and effective screening.

Public Venues

With “Unknown Certainty“ on the increase, the Safety and Security levels at Public Venues, Facilities and Events, requires Event Operators to become increasingly proactive to manage the Predictable and Unknown Hazards.

Petro Chemical Industries

Flame detection equipment is an electronic device detecting fire using specific wavelengths of ultraviolet, infrared or similar electromagnetic radiation emitted from fire.

Strategic Access Points

The under vehicle surveillance system supports fast and easy detection of dangerous objects like weapons and explosives, drugs and contraband and in contrast to conventional control methods, like handheld mirrors or inspection wells, the system facilitates reliable safety inspections without slowing down the flow of traffic at the access point.

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  About Us  
  Koch-Light Research Laboratories (Pty) Ltd started business in the 1980's and became a key supplier of advance detection and analysis systems to major research institutions and Universities in South Africa.  
  We are therefore ideally placed to enter the X-Ray Screening arena together with related products in Metal, Explosives and Trace Detection as well as other cutting edge imaging systems.  
  Product & Solutions   Service & Support  
  Koch-Light Research Laboratories (Pty) Ltd continuously endeavors to supply only cutting edge technology to meet the stringent requirements in the multiple sectors of baggage scanning, personal screening and trace explosive detection.   Over and above our range of security hardware, Koch-Light Research Laboratories (Pty) Ltd provides numerous services to provide clients with holistic solutions to meet their security needs.