Vehicle Screening
The vehicle screening series offers a wide range of solutions to the problem of scanning cargo effectively. The drive-through portal improves the traffic throughput significantly and allows the choice of scanning the cabin or not.
Drive Throught Portal Scanner for Occupied Vehicles:
uniSCAN DTP 200S

The uniSCAN DTP 200S is a low-transmission X-ray portal, which allows the safe screening of any occupied vehicles up to minivan size. It represents an extremely flexible solution, which can be customized to meet the specific operational requirements and customers’ needs.

Drive Throught Portal Scanner for Trucks and Cargo:
uniSCAN DTP 7500LV

The uniSCAN DTP 7500LV X-ray security screening system is the best suitable solution for the inspection of large vehicles, cargo containers, tankers and loaded trucks. The uniSCAN DTP 7500LV has a small footprint, low staffing requirements and no need for special security infrastructure.