Fastscan 10080DV

X-Ray Screening
X-Ray Scanners are divided into different categories: Small Parcels & Hand Carried Items, Medium Sized Parcels & Hand Carried Items and Large Parcels, Baggage & Cargo Scanners, the main difference when selecting your x-ray scanner is: Tunnel Size, X-Ray Penetration and Single or Dual View.
Large Parcels, Baggage & Cargo:


The FASTSCAN 10080DV Dual-View Multi-Energy X-Ray Inspection System designed for those customers who need easy loading and offloading of cargo, large bags and parcels. Low deck pallet of 330 mm.

The FASTSCAN 10080DV baggage scanner is an optimal solution for customs facilities, logistic companies and parcel services or wherever security screening of heavy packages is required. It guarantees a small footprint, high through and effective screening process.

Related Market Sectors:
Airports & Borders
Tunnel Size: 1014 (W) x 804 (H) mm
Penetration: 30 ~ 32mm steel
Wire Resolution: 38AWG guarantee, 40AWG typical
Conveyor Height: 330 mm
Conveyor Load: 210 kg (evenly distributed)
Conveyor Speed: 0.22 m/s
Generator Count: Dual
Anode Voltage: 160 kV
Beam Direction / Angle: Vertical & Horizontal / 80°
Single Dose Rate: <0.05 µSv/h
X-Ray Leakage: <0.1 µSv/h (at 5 cm from external housing)
Cooling / Duty Cycle: Oil cooled / 100%
Image Archive: >120 000
Display: 19″ LCD
Colour Image Display: 24-bit True Colour
Enhancement Tools: High and Low penetration displays images contrast improving clarity.
Magnifier Amplification, Brightening / dimming, image can be seen in layers. B/W, Organic Strip, Non Organic Strip.
Operating Temperature: 0 °C ~ 45 °C
Operating Humidity: 20% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Operating Voltage: 220 VAC (±10%), 50Hz ± 3 Hz
Power Consumption: Approx 0.8 kVA
Noise Level: <60 dB
Side: 1710 (W) x 1672 (H) mm
Front: 1314 (W) x 1672 (H) mm
Total Length: 4221 mm
Weight: 960 kg
Extension Roller: 500, 750, 1000 (L) mm    
Extension Tray: 500, 750, 1000 (L) mm    
Divestment Tray: 500 (L) x 400 (W) x 10 (H) mm    
Remote Console: Dual Screen    
  985 (L) x 600 (W) x 1230 (H) mm    
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